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Submitted by NAV Insights on 26 December 2018

What It Means to Be 100% Employee Owned

ArcherPoint Employee Owners

ArcherPoint is ending 2018 on a very high note. The company is now 100% employee owned. What does that mean—to the company, to our employees, and to our customers?

First, a little education. Employee-owned companies are companies in which the staff owns a majority of the stock shares, giving them a stronger voice in management decision-making. Most, including ArcherPoint, are run according to an ESOP, or Employee Stock Ownership Plan, which works like an employee benefit plan that includes shares of stock.

Greg Kaupp, ArcherPoint’s CEO and co-founder, introduced the idea in 2012 after looking for alternatives to traditional compensation plans, which focus on individual achievement, but not so much on the success of the organization as a whole. After exploring the concept further and gathering feedback from employees, the plan went forward in 2014.

Greg says it has been his dream for ArcherPoint that, by forming an employee-owned company, “we would create an organization comprised entirely of energized and empowered business owners and entrepreneurs.”

The decision will benefit ArcherPoint as a company. Being 100% employee owned means that everyone has a vested interest in the success of the company. Every single employee cares about the health and success of the entire company, not just their job or the projects they are involved in. We all help each other to ensure success across the board.

In addition, employee-ownership falls in line with Holacracy, an organizational structure subscribed to by ArcherPoint. Holacracy features a more distributed-authority model, unlocking the entrepreneurial energy of each employee by giving them a voice, empowering them with more authority and autonomy to make decisions and energize the accountability of their roles within the organization.

Employee ownership also offers more stability, financial and otherwise. Instead of paying corporate taxes, the tax liability will be put back into the company, which strengthens its ability to serve clients, and employee-owned companies are less likely to be acquired, creating an environment focused on long-term relationships for both employees and clients.

ArcherPoint’s employees work hard to delight customers—they always have and always will. Owning a stake in the company just makes it that much more fun and gratifying to be a part of a great team. We are ArcherPoint…and we own our story.

To learn more about why we are proud to be a part of ArcherPoint, watch this video.

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