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Submitted by Suzanne Scanlan on 30 November 2018

ArcherPoint Dynamics NAV Developer Digest - vol 220ArcherPoint's Developer Digest Weekly Blog

The NAV community, including the ArcherPoint technical staff, is made up of developers, project managers, and consultants who are constantly communicating, with the common goal of  sharing helpful information with one another to help customers be more successful.

As they run into issues and questions, find the answers, and make new discoveries, they post them on blogs, forums, social everyone can benefit. We in Marketing watch these interactions and never cease to be amazed by the creativity, dedication, and brainpower we’re so fortunate to have in this community—so we thought, wouldn’t it be great to share this great information with everyone who might not have the time to check out the multitude of resources out there? So, the ArcherPoint Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developer Digest was born. Each week, we present a collection of thoughts and findings from NAV experts and devotees around the world. We hope these insights will benefit you, too.

The New Way of Doing AL Development in Business Central

Bill shares with the team the following articles from Freddy, noting that this is essentially how ArcherPoint has been doing it internally (specifically in our Intellectual Property group): Git Repos, Azure pipelines, Docker:

Developing Business Central Extensions Part 1

Developing Business Central Extensions Part 2

Developing Business Central Extensions Part 3

Developing Business Central Extensions Part 4

If you’re not on board, it’s time! 

But if you're still not ready to code using Docker, check out Kyle's latest post, How to Code in AL for Dynamics Business Central Without Using Docker.

Biggest Mistakes Made When Switching to Docker Containers

I asked our developers this question: What is the biggest mistake developers make when switching to Docker containers? Here’s what they said:

Matt Traxinger: “The biggest mistake is keeping their NAV developer hat on. By that I mean we build custom solutions for a living. It is the first place we go when we need to get something technical done: How can we build this?

But we don't need to build everything. Or to know the inner workings of everything. Our need to know can often be a hindrance to getting better. Learn what Docker is. Learn how to configure it. Learn what it can do for you. Then, when there is a need, dive into the details/customization of your scripts. Except for a very select few, you will never need to know how to piece your own containers together. Sounds a lot like what we tell our clients.

Bill Warnke: “Treating a container the same way you would traditional infrastructure. It took me a long time to conceptually get over that barrier of treating it like a virtual machine. I fix it, I maintain it, I reuse it. Depending on how complicated the infrastructure, setup piece by piece could take HOURS and represent some real investment in time. Versions of software need to be juggled.

A Docker container takes seconds/minutes to create. When I'm done using it, I get rid of it. Because I can create a container quickly and consistently from versioned code, it opens up a door of new possibilities. Built from the ground up, I verify each time I create my environment, avoiding turning it into a snowflake (ever tried to find an automation for a 10-year-old NAV database?) I have consistency across those that develop the same code. I can create an isolated environment where I can be free to experiment and know with confidence that it won't interfere with anyone else, and their changes won't interfere with mine.”

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central On Premises Cumulative Update Available

The first cumulative update for Business Central On-Premises is now available:

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