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Submitted by Jon Long on 29 January 2018

ArcherPoint India Office Five Years Later

Jon Long and the ArcherPoint India team

Since Greg Kaupp’s post five years ago, on ArcherPoint’s first International Office in Chennai India much has happened. We have established a team of professional developers and consultants that work in our office in Chennai as well as some remote members in southern and eastern India and as far north as Dehradun, just west of Nepal. We are now operating on all cylinders continuing to build and grow the India team.

As the new Lead of ArcherPoint India, I have the pleasure of traveling to India periodically to work with the India team members in person on our future strategy and on our current projects. We have big plans. I have to admit, in the beginning, five years ago, I had no idea that we would be in this position of growth. I thought we could use the India team for repetitive tasks and report work within our Upgrade Team. But, they have proven me wrong. Sure, they have perfected report conversion, merging, and automated repetitive tasks to the point these technical tasks are our least tactical concern, allowing us to have more opportunities for lowering prices and providing more fixed-fee projects. On every level, the India team has shined and risen to every challenge. It is an honor to watch all of them grow professionally, working directly with clients, learning and challenging themselves to elevate their skills in every way.

By overlapping shifts, we have solved the “24/7 challenge.” On the upgrade team, of which India is a large part, we’re mostly developers, so working late hours comes naturally for most of us. A customer can enter a ticket at 5PM EST and will frequently have a solution by the time they show up the next morning. Since India is roughly 10-12 hours difference, there are multiple team members available 24/7. This allows us to increase our support beyond just upgrades. I am looking forward to the year ahead as we expand our opportunities into ever changing opportunities.

The Wedding Party
Figure 1 - Wedding Festivities

After my first four-week “observe and explore” visit to India in December 2017, I had the pleasure of visiting several of my India team members’ homes, one for a four-day day wedding. Such great hospitality. Everyone I met in India was beyond nice and genuinely friendly.

A street scene in India
Figure 2 - A street scene in India

There is a lesson to be learned here seeing India traffic. Amongst what seems to us as extreme chaos, is actually an organically evolving symbiosis that only exists because of a shared trust in everyone around them. Everyone is accountable for their actions, not because of policy, law, or signs that tell them to do so. They don’t even use blinkers!

Anyone who says that India has bad drivers is wrong. I saw zero wrecks, zero middle fingers, zero road rage, and no dirty looks. Instead, I saw compassion for other drivers; I saw people stopping to help cars stuck in a ditch and several people risking their own lives to help a woman in the middle of a harrowing intersection restart her motorcycle. Everyone is happily surviving, even the stray dogs. The dogs, goats, cows, monkeys; when they cross the road, drivers somehow, avoid hitting them. This takes serious awareness of your surroundings. They are typically also using a cell phone, or distracted by others in their own vehicle. Seems miraculous to me.

I am looking forward to the next five years. Cheers to India!

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