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How to Store Purchase Documents in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016Learn how to store purchase documents in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

It can’t be that easy …

But with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, it can be!

I just ran across a feature that really amazed me because of how easy it is, so I want to tell everyone.  The feature is storing documents attached to Purchase Orders and Invoices.  In previous blog, I demonstrated how to use the OCR service to help reduce mistakes with Accounts Payable data entry, and I ran across this simple solution to storing documents in NAV 2016. 

In some instances, you will have Invoices and Purchase Orders in which you may want to easily access documents that pertain to them.  These might be sales tax returns that you want to associate with the Invoice that paid them, or documents about materials on a PO that might need quick reference, or a business process where you store requests to review and validate.  There are a number of potential situations that might require you to store documents with Purchase Orders or Purchase Invoices. 

This blog discusses how you can use this feature, and how it can make your life easier using NAV 2016.  You too will be saying, “It can’t be that easy!”

Instructions for storing documents

  • Open a Purchase order in NAV and show the Fact Box for “Incoming Document Files.”

Dynamics NAV Incoming Document Files Fact Box

  • Open a Purchase order and click the “Attach File” button on the Incoming Document Fact Box.

Purchase Order with Attach File button in Dynamics NAV

  • Navigate to the file that you want to Store in NAV and hit the Open Button.

  • To view the document, simply click “View File.”

That’s it.  That easy.  Dynamics NAV 2016 is that easy and that great.

If you want to learn other ways Microsoft Dynamics NAV can make things easy, contact ArcherPoint.


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