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What’s So Great About Warehouse Management System Optimization?

More efficient processes can reduce the wasted, lost, and damaged stock that most manufacturers suffer. If your warehouse management system isn’t in optimal working order, then all departments suffer, from sales to operations.

Warehouse Management System Optimization, Best Wholesale Distribution Software, Inventory Management

For example, a residential lighting manufacturer sold directly to homeowners through a specialty website. Their shipping department was overwhelmed with the number of orders to manage each day, averaging 100 orders of 50 light fixtures each. Then sudden growth turned on the pressure even more, increasing the number of orders to 100 orders plus 250 individual orders of 1 or 2 fixtures each. Between picking and packing, the chaos in the shipping department caused delays, errors, and resulted in a number of unsatisfied customers.

With a barcoding system where labels were printed in the warehouse, this manufacturer was able to come out of their chaos. The team was even able to manage their increased number of orders without hiring additional workers.

A warehouse driven on data can simplify receiving and sending orders, even when warehouse operations get very complex due to a number of order options. By handling warehouse and logistics management with an integrated manufacturing system, you can practice just-in-time inventory and efficient fulfillment. Here are just some of the major benefits you could be taking advantage of…

  • Increased utilization of warehouse space.
  • Reduced spoiled and lost stock.
  • Improved delivery reliability through barcoding and shipping automation.
  • Reporting and data visualization that simplifies decisions for staff assignments.
  • Improved inventory placement and shipment management.
  • Wireless support for inventory location, inbound shipping receipts and outbound shipping.

If you can maximize the efficiency of receipt and shipment of goods, optimize warehouse space utilization, and know the precise location of every item, you can then provide the customer service levels that can and will compete with global companies as well as those just down the street from you.

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Warehouse Management System Optimization, Best Wholesale Distribution Software, Inventory Managemnet

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