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Business Intelligence (BI) Software 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV delivers the data needed

Business Intelligence (BI) is the process of collecting, organizing, and analyzing data and turning it into useful and actionable information. With this type of information companies have greater insight into their organization, yielding new opportunities, corrections to existing procedures or processes, competitive advantages, and more, including:

  • Identify top-selling products by region, store, or sales person
  • Identify trends, both good and bad, early on
  • Generate ad-hoc financial reports
  • Track competitors in your area
  • Compare information about customers, products, prices, and costs over time

Whether you are looking for a simple report to make decisions on daily manufacturing operations, or you need a comprehensive analysis of making a strategic move into a new market, Dynamics NAV provides direct access to real-time, business-critical information and a wide range of analytical tools to help you manage budgets, create and consolidate reports, and look for trends and relationships.

For most companies, their ERP software holds volumes of information that can help them make better long-term (strategic), short-term (tactical), and daily (operational) decisions. The problem is that often the data is hard to retrieve or the reporting capability of the ERP software is inadequate. Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides an open platform that makes the data much more accessible to the user than many other ERP platforms and more useful to the enterprise for Business Intelligence.

Business Intelligence Reporting Options with Dynamics NAV

Reporting capabilities within Dynamics NAV range from simple to sophisticated, and additional reporting capabilities can be added to give you actionable information in the formats you can use.

Having trouble understanding business intelligence? Read our white paper, An Introduction to Business Intelligence Consulting Concepts.

Two of the reporting options included as part of Dynamics NAV are Jet Express from Jet Reports and SQL Server Reporting Services from Microsoft.

  • Jet Express provides a simple but powerful way to access information from your Dynamics NAV database within Excel, great for financial, budget, and operational reporting.
  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) provides the tools to deliver comprehensive reports from a variety of data sources. Reports can be viewed via the Web or SharePoint site or exported to applications such as Excel, so everything can be accessed through Dynamics NAV and Office. SSRS provides sophisticated tools for in-depth data analysis and business intelligence.

These reporting tools can be complemented by third-party software to help you create, format, and use the reporting available from your Dynamics NAV software in a easily understood format and easily accessible when needed.

ArcherPoint can help you in selecting the best reporting option for your needs and optimize your site configuration to be able to quickly access the data key to your decision-making.

We start by asking, What decision are you trying make? What specific data will you need for the report? How will these reports be distributed?

Extend your Dynamics NAV Business Intelligence capabilities 

ArcherPoint works closely with proven solution providers to extend the value of your Dynamics NAV business intelligence and reporting solution:

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