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ArcherPoint Leads eScreen Upgrade of Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Improved Processes and Growth

The Challenge

eScreen had only one single need—but it is an extremely important one: Automating ACH process. Overall, the process for cutting checks was very inefficient, requiring copying and pasting large amounts of data into Excel and then having to manipulate the data. This was a major issue because the company has a large number of small-dollar transactions per month, with an average of 5,000 checks cut. In addition, there were many integrations with other systems to be considered, and it was important to have a solution that offered appropriate security features.

This was an opportunity to update the company’s ERP software. They were running Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2008, so they knew they would benefit across the organization from a move to new technology.

As a client of ArcherPoint for over a decade, eScreen engaged their trusted part- ner and came to the decision to upgrade to Dynamics NAV 2018 because NAV was meeting their needs and familiar to their users.

The Solution

The ArcherPoint Upgrade team completed eScreen’s move from NAV 2008 to NAV 2018, and they were thrilled with the experience.
“The last thing we wanted to do was disrupt our business with an upgrade,” said Chad Fulks, Controller. “Our biggest fear was going through the process and then having to revert back to an old version. But the ArcherPoint team got the whole process, were in tune with our guys, and they saw it through really well.”

The key was not only a team with upgrade experience, but also planning. The ArcherPoint team, led by Joe Shields, clearly communicated every step ahead of time to ensure the eScreen team was prepared. The team was also very helpful in a strategic manner, offering advice and insights on how to ensure to automate processes and find efficiencies wherever possible. This was critical because the company’s processes were complex, involving integrations with multiple platforms.

“Joe and his team did an excellent job of scoping out the project and communicating each step in depth,” continued Chad. “It was clear they were well-versed across all facets, which made the upgrade go very smoothly.”

Joe Shields also pointed out that the success of the upgrade was also due to Chad and his team’s commitment to the project.

“Joe and his team did an excellent job of scoping out the project and communicating each step in depth. It was clear they were well-versed across all facets, which made the upgrade go smoothly.”

- Chad Fulks, Controller
eScreen, an Abbott Company

“An upgrade or any other technology engagement is not one-sided,” said Joe. “The customer needs to be as involved as the partner because they ultimately have the most knowledge of their business and the most control of what happens on their end, like clearly communicating requirements, ensuring key stakeholders are involved, and coordinating testing. The eScreen team stepped up from day one, and that made all the difference.”

The Success

The upgrade not only went smoothly, but it stayed within budget. As for NAV 2018, it is delivering all the efficiencies needed by eScreen. The ACH process is now automated and more. eScreen was acquired in 2017, and Chad is excited that they found a solution that will meet increasing needs and stricter deadlines—and at a price that the parent company was very happy about.
All the features offered by NAV 2018 have opened the door to utilizing NAV for improving other processes.”

What’s Next for eScreen?

eScreen will continue to explore the opportunities offered by NAV 2018, including fixed assets accounting processes.

“I feel like now we feel really confident that we can invest the time and energy to build out new processes and efficiencies, and this version of NAV is going to support it,” said Chad. “We feel confident that it’s a quality ERP that will allow us to do things we never could have done before.”

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