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ArcherPoint Tribe Talks: Retail

How Retailers are Adapting Their Supply Chain and Replenishment Strategy 


Keeping the right products on shelves and moving into customers’ shopping carts is key for retailers to keep profits high, costs low, and customers loyal and happy. The current changes in customer behavior and the ever-shifting circumstances of the pandemic have thrown a wrench in even the best laid plans. How are you changing your approach to supply chain management and replenishment in response to the changing landscape? 

Join us for a 30-minute live Q&A session where our retail experts, Kayla Magnan and Thomas Nielsen, discuss the methods and strategies some retailers are taking to better manage their approach to supply chain management and replenishment.  

About our speakers 

Thomas Nielsen is renowned as one of the leading experts of retail technology in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem. He has worked with hundreds of retailers worldwide as a consultant and implementer of systems to improve workflows, increase revenues, and expand sales channels.  

Kayla Magnan grew up in retail and brings modern strategies and insights to businesses. Having worked for LS Retail, the largest provider of retail technology in the Microsoft ecosystem, Kayla provides advice and direction to retailers looking for digital transformation.  

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