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Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions for fashion

With a fashion solution from ArcherPoint, you can stay competitive and keep customers loyal

Manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, and retailers in the fashion industry must manage several challenges that are unique to their industry. Complex inventories are difficult to manage, competition from all over the world is becoming more and more intense, trading partners are expecting a more involved role in the supply chain (which is also becoming more complex with the growing dependence on imports), and customers with access to more options demand more variety, lower prices, and convenience.

Regardless of segment within fashion—apparel, footwear, sporting goods or accessories—ArcherPoint offers solutions for production, wholesale, and retail, fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision). End-to-end solutions have everything you need, including planning, design, sourcing, purchasing, logistics, warehousing, and financial administration.

With the power of Dynamics NAV as the foundation and features designed for fashion, we can work with you to design a solution that fits your needs, using the business rules in your NAV solution, making it more efficient to get up and running and delivering value to your business.

One of the biggest challenges fashion companies face is managing very complex inventories. Many items come in many variants—colors, sizes, fabrics, designs, and so on—sometimes in the tens of thousands. Entering, maintaining, and viewing the associated data is cumbersome and vulnerable to errors. To address this challenge, unique matrix functionality lets you easily set up your inventory by descriptors such as style, color, and size, and up to 8 additional dimensions added to Dynamics NAV based functionality. This functional area also includes features needed to manage fashion specific issues like collections and seasons, pre-sales and direct orders, replenishments and much more.

ArcherPoint fashion solutions also address unique characteristics of the presales process. Collections are sold throughout the year using samples, with delivery occurring months later. Specific functionality lets you save historic orders, register back-orders in detail, including their origins, enter sales order targets, and view the progress of presales on a daily basis from any required point of view.

Other features include:

  • Remote access to real-time information and order entry or offline order entry
  • Multiple delivery dates
  • Pre-packs
  • Easy re-order
  • Multi-country/language
  • Advanced forecasting
  • Sales target and analysis
  • Buying groups
  • Replenishments
  • Intercompany
  • Surcharge posting, extended calculations, and commissions

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Extend your Dynamics NAV software

ArcherPoint works closely with the following proven solution providers to extend the value of your Dynamics NAV software for distribution:

  • LS Retail – integrated, end-to-end solutions that help retailers manage inventory, reduce shrinkage, manage pricing, and avoid shortages.
  • Pebblestone Fashion – designed exclusively for Microsoft Dynamics, enables the fashion industry to excel in business.

Talk to an ArcherPoint representative about how Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help your company manage its fashion industry challenges.