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Recorded webinars

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: The eCommerce Opportunity and Managing Sales Tax Compliance Nationwide

Learn about trends in eCommerce and the tax changes that could have an impact on your eCommerce strategy, in this webinar.  Whether you sell direct to consumer, or to other businesses, this webinar has something for you. 

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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: What's New in NAV 2016

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, the latest version of Dynamics NAV, has been released, offering more features that enable you to work in new and better ways. Before upgrading to or implementing NAV 2016, you’ll want to understand how the product differs from previous versions and how the main components of it work. Watch our recorded webinar to learn all about NAV 2016.

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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: The What, Why, and When of SQL Server Health Checks for Dynamics NAV

Is Your Dynamics NAV SQL Server Effective as It Could Be? It’s Time for a Health Check!

An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure…which is why you should be performing a health check on your NAV SQL Server on a regular basis. During this webinar, you’ll get the opportunity to see what a SQL Server Health Check can do for you.

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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Creating an Extraordinary eCommerce Experience with Dynamicweb and Perfion

Why do some companies fail at online selling while others thrive? Because those who thrive understand that, in the impatient world of eCommerce, where your competition is merely a click away, optimizing the customer experience is crucial. View this webinar to understand the value that Perfion Product Information Management (PIM) system and Dynamicweb eCommerce and marketing automation platforms can bring to your Dynamics NAV solution.

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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Keeping the Physical and Virtual Worlds in Sync with Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions

Many organizations struggle with keeping their physical operations in sync with the data in their Microsoft Dynamics NAV systems. They often rely on paper-based systems for warehouse management and manufacturing simply because they are unaware of a surprisingly simple solution: Barcoding. 

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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Impove Dynamics NAV Budgeting and Reporting with Solver BI

  • Would you like your reporting solution to be both Excel and web-based?
  • Are there more data sources you would like to report on that seem out of reach? (payroll, legacy systems etc.)
  • Is your budgeting process time-consuming and reliant on static spreadsheets?
  • Would you like to streamline your budgeting process?

If so, watch the webinar by clicking the link below!

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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: The Game of Nexus

Many businesses assume that they are only required to collect and file sales and use tax and manage exemption certifications in the state where their business is located. Unfortunately, that assumption usually results in hefty penalties in an audit.

View this webinar to find out whre your unknown tax obligations might be hiding!

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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Business Intelligence On-the-Go

Every company needs business intelligence. But getting to that critical data can be difficult and time consuming. Jet Reports' full business intelligence suite changes all of that. 

View this webinar from ArcherPoint and Jet Reports where we cover everything from how to save time and money with a drag-and-drop data warehouse and cube back-end to making quick business decisions using the front-end dashboards, KPIs, and analytics. 

In just one hour, you will also get an exclusive look at the new Jet Mobile capabilities, allowing you to access your powerful business metrics from anywhere, at any time. 

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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Native Controls in a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Environment

Those familiar with the technical side of Microsoft Dynamics NAV will tell you how powerful this software truly is—going far beyond an ERP. But even if you’re a programmer, there are certain “native” controls you might not be aware of that can help you avoid having to buy an add-on to get the functionality you want.

View this webinar from ArcherPoint and Fastpath to discover the native controls available in NAV and learn how to deploy them in your environment.

In just under an hour, you’ll come away with an understanding of controls that will benefit Finance, IT, and Audit, such as workflow, end user security, administrative access and other key features available in the latest releases.

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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Making Sales Tax Simple in Dynamics NAV with Avalara 

ERP systems continue to be the backbone of US companies. They unify growing business processes, offer incredible visibility, and ensure better compliance across business activities. But tax compliance, whether it be sales tax calculations, exemption certificate management, or collection and reporting, still remains a daunting task.

Watch this informational webinar to learn how you can automate this process in Dynamics NAV and:

  • Automate rate table updates for current, accurate tax rates
  • Lower time and cost to manage transactional tax compliance
  • Automatically file and remit to the proper jurisdictions

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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: What's New in NAV 2015 - Cash Management!

Smart cash management is the cornerstone to profitability…and NAV 2015 can help get you there.  

With enhancements to the Cash Management feature in NAV 2015, you’ll have the tools you need to manage your cash flow, payments and debt collections more quickly and efficiently. View this 30 minute recording to get a better handle on your cash management, securing your company’s profitability.

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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Bar Coding in Dynamics NAV

Bar coding for labor, material, or production is a truly “must-have” technology for most projects involving anything to do with inventory. With today’s technology, there is no reason to be afraid of embracing a barcoding solution, as long as you know what to watch out for.

This session will review available technologies, common problems to watch out for in projects, and what you can expect once you’re live. 

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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: What's New with Dynamics NAV 2015

In this one hour webinar, we discuss what's new for Dynamics NAV 2015. We highlight new features such as: 

  • Tablet integration

  •  Office 365

  • Document Reporting

  • Bank Integration

 See what all the buzz is about surrounding  the latest release by viewing this webinar. 

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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: 8 Ways to INCREASE Your Company's Sales Tax Audit Risk (Hint: keep doing it manually)

Join ArcherPoint and Avalara for this 30-minute webinar and learn the 8 ways you might be unknowingly increasing your company’s audit risk. We’ll cover:

  • The 8 most common sales tax mistakes
  • How to address compliance proactively
  • How to stay up to date on sales tax changes

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Jet Reports and LS Retail: Complete Data Visibility for Your Business

Do you wish you could quickly analyze sales data across multiple store locations, maintain item variant profitability, loss prevention statistics, and more? Do you need to make more informed decisions based on member management information? Join the industry leaders in Retail ERP and Business Intelligence, in a free, recorded, hour long webinar, to learn how you can instantly get any data analysis, to meet your business needs.

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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Exemption Certificate Best Practices: Reducing Audit Risk

Tight crackdowns by state governments have included greater attention to non-taxed transaction compliance as they increase sales tax compliance audits. This webinar shows how automating the exemption certificate lifecycle within your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system can save you time and money, as well as improve your staff and customer experiences with non-taxed transaction compliance.

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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Assembly Management in Dynamics NAV 2013

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, Assembly management lets you create assemblies for stock or on the fly, allowing you visibility into components before they are assembled and when the order is placed.  Learn how to see shortages as units by day and graphically and gain greater insight so you can better meet the needs of your customers.

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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: What's the Difference Between Business Intelligence and Reporting?

In just 30 minutes, you’ll learn how to quickly analyze trends and outliers to target actions that will enable you to run your organization more efficiently, and profitably. At the end of this session, you will be able to determine if business intelligence is right for you and right for your business by learning what it truly offers.

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