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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: A Deep Dive Into NAV Easy Security

In this one hour webinar, ArcherPoint and will introduce you to the more advanced features in NAVEasy Security and discuss how Easy Security can solve the most complex security setup scenarios. The webinar will also discuss best practices for setting up security and recording roles with Easy Security. Learn what you can do to make your solution secure.

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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: 8 Ways to INCREASE Your Company's Sales Tax Audit Risk (Hint: keep doing it manually)

Join ArcherPoint and Avalara for this 30-minute webinar and learn the 8 ways you might be unknowingly increasing your company’s audit risk. We’ll cover:

  • The 8 most common sales tax mistakes
  • How to address compliance proactively
  • How to stay up to date on sales tax changes

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About NAV Easy Security: A Deep Dive

If you're a NAV Easy Security user, you already know how powerful and efficient is at helping you easily set up and control roles, logins, and security at the data and field level...or do you?  In this one hour session, we'll take a look at the more advanced features in Easy Security and discuss how Easy Security can solve the most complex security setup scenarios. We will also discuss best practices for setting up security and recording roles with Easy Security.

Jet Reports and LS Retail: Complete Data Visibility for Your Business

Do you wish you could quickly analyze sales data across multiple store locations, maintain item variant profitability, loss prevention statistics, and more? Do you need to make more informed decisions based on member management information? Join the industry leaders in Retail ERP and Business Intelligence, in a free, recorded, hour long webinar, to learn how you can instantly get any data analysis, to meet your business needs.

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Lunch and Learn with ArcherPoint and NAV Easy Security

If you're looking for a way to set up and control roles, logins, and security at the data and field level in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you need to see what NAV Easy Security can do for you!

NAV Easy Security is released for all versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and works in both the Classic and RoleTailored/Windows clients.

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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Exemption Certificate Best Practices: Reducing Audit Risk

Tight crackdowns by state governments have included greater attention to non-taxed transaction compliance as they increase sales tax compliance audits. This webinar shows how automating the exemption certificate lifecycle within your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system can save you time and money, as well as improve your staff and customer experiences with non-taxed transaction compliance.

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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Get to Know Microsoft Dynamics NAV RTC (Role Tailored Client)

Did you know that Dynamics NAV 2013 is based entirely on the Role Tailored Client? So, if you've upgraded to NAV 2013 or are planning to, you will need to get to know this powerful interface.  Check out the new ways you'll be able to view information in the RTC while taking advantage of all the great features you've come to appreciate in MS Dynamics NAV.

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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Cash Flow Forecasting

Smart cash management is critical to profitability, and it takes more than Accounts Payable and Recievable to have a good cash also takes strong cash forecasting.  Join us to see how you can use Microsoft Dynamics NAV's Cash Flow Forecast to efficiently forecast short-term cash flow, enable better monitoring of cash receipts and cash disbursements, and use that information to take smart preemptive steps.

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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Assembly Management in Dynamics NAV 2013

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, Assembly management lets you create assemblies for stock or on the fly, allowing you visibility into components before they are assembled and when the order is placed.  Learn how to see shortages as units by day and graphically and gain greater insight so you can better meet the needs of your customers.

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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: What's the Difference Between Business Intelligence and Reporting?

In just 30 minutes, you’ll learn how to quickly analyze trends and outliers to target actions that will enable you to run your organization more efficiently, and profitably. At the end of this session, you will be able to determine if business intelligence is right for you and right for your business by learning what it truly offers.

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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Compliance in Dynamics NAV: What you need to know before the auditors ask

Are your processes to manage security and compliance in Microsoft Dynamics NAV exactly where they need to be? If you're unsure - join us as we discuss which processes to implement to insure your company is protected. In a review of best practices, we'll dive into the importance of user security, some common security problems in NAV, and how to monitor changes to your system. Learn best practices to reduce risk for your company and make sure you are ready for audit and compliance questions before you need them.

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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Staying Ahead of Sales Tax Changes

Sales tax, at both the state and federal levels, is evolving every day. Regardless of industry, pending legislation such as the Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013 could dramatically affect your business. Join ArcherPoint and Avalara to learn about:

  • The current state of sales tax legislation
  • Tips for identifying and mitigating your audit risk
  • Ways to be ready for the changes, including sales tax automation tools for ERP and/or your e-Commerce system

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Jet Reports Enterprise: Should You Upgrade?

If you have Microsoft Dynamics NAV, this webinar will show you how to use the latest innovations in Excel integrated reporting and BI with the 2013 versions of the Jet Reports Suite of Solutions. Content includes:

  • Getting Started with Jet Reports: Finding your version and resources
  • How to upgrade to the latest build of Jet
  • New Reporting Features and Tools
  • Getting Instant NAV Dashboards and Analytics with Jet Enterprise
  • Accessing Support and Resources for NAV Reporting

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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Microsoft Excel Tips & Tricks

In this one hour presentation, you'll learn about:

  • Creating drop down lists
  • Conditional formatting tricks
  • Using Pivot Tables
  • Time saving Excel tips

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