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Why is ArcherPoint Employee-Owned?

“My dream for ArcherPoint is that by forming the ESOP we will create a whole company of energized and empowered business owners and entrepreneurs.”

– Greg Kaupp, CEO

When employees feel connected to their work, there is a natural sense of pride that develops and is contagious. We have caught the bug at ArcherPoint. When you work with anyone at ArcherPoint, you are working with all of us. As employee owners, we are all a part of every project. While we are not all involved in the details of every single effort, we are all fully invested in every project's success.


As an employee owned company, we are able to attract top talent and keep them. This translates into an exceptional experience for our customers. They are able to work with highly experienced and dedicated employee owners.

Being employee owned means each and every one of us at ArcherPoint feels empowered to make the sometimes difficult decisions needed to ensure we consistently create the best product and deliver exceptional services, exceeding all expectations.

We are ArcherPoint and we own our story.

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ArcherPoint ESOP - We Own The Story