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ArcherPoint Manufacturing Quarterly
4th Quarter, 2014

According to, the traditional approach to supply chain strategy—based on competing for business by offering the lowest cost—is not the smartest approach in the long term. This approach leaves mutually valuable opportunities for the supplier/client relationship on the table. Instead, the goal should be to “Foster a cooperative relationship between supplier and customer that allows for greater efficiency and innovation across the board, and makes the need for trade-offs between quality, cost, and lead time a thing of the past.” The article offers three strategies: Achieving “total” rather than “individual” efficiencies; pursuing “true” efficiencies; and reducing waste rather than forcing work. Read the full article for more details.

Technology Trends in Manufacturing - 3D Printing Technology Trends in Manufacturing
Advancements in technology have dramatically changed the face of manufacturing over the past decade. A recent article outlines a few of the technologies that are having the greatest impact. Additive manufacturing—a.k.a. 3-D printing—can produce items made of plastic, metals, mixed materials and even human tissue, resulting in shorter lead times, improved quality, reduced waste, and the ability to produce complex shapes without complicated machining. Cold spray, or “3-D painting,” this is another additive manufacturing process used to manufacture parts from scratch, apply coatings to traditionally formed items, and even repair or refurbish used components by filling in worn spots. By extending the life of machinery and equipment, tooling, dies and components, this process results in greater return on investment, less downtime, faster return to production for down equipment, and overall longer mean time between failure or necessary replacement. Read the article to learn about other influential technologies, including nanotechnology and IoT (the Internet of Things).

nl-manuf-2014nov-dont-sell-training-short.jpg Don’t Sell Training Short: Evaluate Programs for Their True ROI 
According to Manufacturing Today, manufacturers are selling themselves short by attempting to save money and time by using online learning and smart devices. While these methods, which allow employees to train and test their knowledge practically anytime and anywhere, might seem more cost-effective, they are, in actuality, impacting ROI because they do not accomplish what traditional training methods do, such as communicating the importance of certain components, recognizing when employees need one-on-one assistance, and opportunities for employees to demonstrate their understanding of the subject matter through real-world application.

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MRP vs. MPS: What’s the Difference, and When Do You Use Them?
In this blog, ArcherPoint’s Rick Dill explains MRP (Materials Resource Planning) and MPS (Master Production Schedule) and when to use each.

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