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ArcherPoint Manufacturing Quarterly
1st Quarter, 2015

Later this month, the FCC will vote on FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s proposed redefining broadband internet as a telecommunications service rather than an information service. So, why should manufacturers be concerned? In a blog by’s Associate Editor Bridget Bergin, “…this has massive implications for individual internet users, broadband internet service providers, and businesses of all sizes.” The proposal states that Internet providers cannot charge a business a premium to ensure they have web access, cannot throttle service, and cannot block access to websites. While some argue that an internet without neutrality would “prejudice start-ups that do not have the deep pockets of established players to pay premium fees,” while others, including the National Association of Manufacturers CEO Jay Timmons, say that encouraging competition for high-speed internet will spur innovation.” Still other proponents of net neutrality regulation argue that “it’s crucial in encouraging content makers to be creative and innovative without fear that ISPs might throttle their content.” Read the article


How to Keep Efficiency from Stalling Manufacturing Innovation
Speaking of creativity and innovation…according to, while manufacturing has historically thrived on innovation—and the innovators were the people who worked in these organizations—the passion for efficiency has gotten in the way. When productivity and process efficiency become the “holy grail” with manufacturers, ruts begin to form, and they get deeper because people become myopic, only seeing their performance goals, rather than the big picture. However, when people are rewarded for striving to become “masters” at their jobs, they see that big picture and are more likely to come up with big ideas. Read the full article.



nl-lean-manufacturing.jpg Are You Losing Control of Your Lean Journey?
When designing and managing your lean journey, according to Jamie Flinchbaugh, Co-founder and Partner of Lean Learning Center in Novi, Michigan in an article in, “many manage a pivotal transition point poorly.” Up to the point manufacturers have reached a critical mass … and the “push for lean converts to pull for lean,” most of the action has been because of a handful of critical leaders. However, as things start to grow, the lean roadmap gets lost. Flinchbaugh suggests:

1. The lean team shouldn't own the lean roadmap, rather, it should be integrated with the objectives of the organization and should therefore be owned by the leaders of the organization.

2. Coaches need to transition from coaching to developing qualified coaches to distribute throughout the organization so they can be where they’re needed.

3. Measure more than the measurable, which includes not only activity, but “the ratio of the informal lean to the formal lean.”

Read the full article

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Get a handle on your inventory, material, and costs
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