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ArcherPoint Manufacturing Quarterly
2nd Quarter, 2015

Google’s Director of Android and Chrome global business at Google at Work opened Promat 2015 last month with this question to manufacturers: "The industrial revolution 4.0 is here. Are you ready?" While the first three revolutions were power, efficiency, and information, Industry 4.0 “moves us out of the stagnant data storage legacy of the information age to a digital age that combines massive changes around our computing ability, our access to the Internet, and access to and proliferation of mobile devices.” Niemi discussed three key technologies that manufacturers can employee to stay ahead of this revolution: Cloud, Mobile, and Apps & App-Building Platforms. Read the article


Organizations Must Become “Lean Enterprises” to be Truly Lean
This article in explores how a “slam-dunk” opportunity goes wrong, often because, while the plant might have been operating on lean principles, the entire organization was not. “To avoid situations like this,” the article says, “organizations must create a lean enterprise.” Lean initiatives, such as standard work and quality at the source for example, are critical not only to plant assemblers, but to company engineers and accountants. A lean enterprise requires the organization to “embrace a cultural shift,” involving every department. Read the full article.

nl-lean-green-manufacturing.jpg How Manufacturers Can Go Green While Going Lean
Consumers have been “going green” for years now, but so have manufacturers—not only because of government regulations, but also as a result of adopting lean manufacturing principles. After all, a primary objective of lean manufacturing is to reduce waste. This is also an objective of going green, so the two programs reinforce one another. This article shares ways you can go lean and green in the areas of preventive maintenance, product reliability, and product design and life cycle. Read the full article

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