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ArcherPoint Manufacturing Quarterly
4th Quarter, 2015

According to the MAPI Foundation, U.S. manufacturing “showed firm signs of life in October after a mid-year slowdown.” Even though the Fed’s industrial production index dropped 0.2% in October and in September, manufacturing production posted 0.4% growth in October, and the change in production was revised up for August and June. Production is up in 13 of the 20 major manufacturing industries. MAPI credits the ramping up of the construction supply chain in both the residential and commercial/industrial sectors. Public works construction is also growing at “a modest pace.” This is particularly positive news for the prospects in 2016 because the industry showed solid growth despite rising trade deficits, a decline in the supply chain of oil country goods, and high inventories. Read the full article.

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The Struggle to Find Good Employees
According to an article in Manufacturing Today, despite high unemployment rates, manufacturers are struggling with finding employees. There are several reasons for this and several alternatives for correcting the course. For example, with workers over age 45 making up 51 percent of the workforce, manufacturers are victims of an aging workforce that will be taking all that talent and experience with them when they retire. Also, when offshoring became the craze a few years ago, displaced workers found other careers. One way to remedy the situation is to offer workers nearing retirement the option of flexible schedules. Another is to develop mentoring and on-the-job training programs to ensure knowledge transfer to younger workers. Read the full article.


Strong American manufacturing Coalition Proposes National Manufacturing Strategy for the U.S.
For years, organizations and Congress have been promising a national manufacturing strategy to reverse the slow-down in U.S. manufacturing. Cities, counties, and states have plans to attract jobs, and other countries have national strategies to attract industries and high-paying jobs—but the U.S. does not. This month, the Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) released “A Competitiveness Strategy for the United States - America at a Crossroads,” a plan to put the U. S. in control of its own destiny and re-assert itself as a great manufacturing and producing nation, including developing and implementing a comprehensive strategy that retains and reinforces our leadership in innovation, locates investment and production in the U.S, and raises employment by creating good paying jobs. The plan outlines a mission, goals, and how to achieve them through strategic competition with those countries that are surpassing the U.S. in the race to “own” certain industries and technologies. Read the full article.

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