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ArcherPoint Manufacturing Quarterly
1st Quarter, 2016


According to the Institute for Supply Management Index, factory activity in February shrank less than forecast as gains in new orders and production showed signs of stabilization. The index was the highest since September 2015. While factories have been hit by many challenges since the middle of 2014, these challenges are beginning to fade, while domestic demand is being boosted by consumers with jobs and better wages. However, according to experts, it will be a slow recovery, particularly for U.S. exporters.

Read the full article in IndustryWeek.



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5 Reasons to Choose Reshoring
Last year saw the start of a re-shoring trend, but it hasn’t quite picked up speed yet. If you are still hesitant about the prospect of bringing manufacturing operations back home, consider this article in There are many factors that contribute to the overall cost of manufacturing, and where you locate your manufacturing operations is one of the biggies. Many companies assume offshoring is a cheaper option, but this article suggests five reasons why reshoring might actually be more effective than you might think.

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Digital Technologies Are Rapidly Transforming Manufacturing
Digital technologies have been a very visible part of the landscape in many sectors, particularly those that are consumer-facing. However, the time has finally come that these powerful technologies are making an impact on manufacturing. Digital technologies are “rapidly transforming the design, production, operation, and use of items as diverse as cars, workout clothes, and light bulbs”—and these changes are having major implications. The Metro Program, in partnership with the city of Fremont, California, explored these implications in a workshop recently, where industry executives, entrepreneurs, investors, scholars, and economic development officials toured a factory (Tesla Motors); discussed the latest trends in the Silicon Valley manufacturing ecosystem; and discussed the implications on the rest of the manufacturing world. Takeaways included the idea that digitization is very good for U.S. manufacturing, and that a hardware startup is “no longer a contradiction in terms.”

Read the full article at the Brookings Institution website.


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