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ArcherPoint Manufacturing Quarterly newsletter Q3 2016
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ArcherPoint Manufacturing Quarterly
3rd Quarter, 2016

Are you ready for smart manufacturing




3D Printing and the Future of Manufacturing

From houses to human body parts, 3D printing, or additive manufacturing, has progressed significantly since the technology was first introduced nearly 30 years ago. No longer is this technology seen just as a faster, cheaper method of prototyping. While there is much debate on the future of this technology, one thing is for sure, 3D Printing, is the future of manufacturing.

Andy Middleton, president of Stratasys-EMEA discusses where 3D Printing is today and his prediction of the impact it will play on the future of manufacturing. You can read the article here.





Manufacturing as a Vacation Destination?

It's true. In an effort to entertain and educate our children, many families are trying something new: a family trip to an American factory. As the article in the July/August 2016 issue of Popular Mechanics suggests, "there's probably no escaping taking the kids to amusement park this summer, sweltering in long lines and paying for overpriced junk food. But when that torment is over, take them to a different kind of theme park, one you'll both enjoy: an American factory." There's probably fewer lines and easier parking too



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