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lean manufacturing

Importance of Lean Manufacturing in the Age of Mass Customization

We have gone from an economy of mass production to mass customization as more and more consumers embrace the "do-it-yourself" mentality. Fortunately, lean manufacturing software and other technologies have allowed the industry to respond and succeed with this new demand.

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subcontractors and manufacturing

Setting up and Using Subcontractors in Dynamics NAV

While Dynamics NAV makes the setup and use of subcontractors for the manufacturing process fairly intuitive, ensuring it is all correct from the start is imperative.  

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onshoring manufacturing

Is Onshoring right for your Business?

The manufacturing industry is going through a time of rapid transformation. Companies that succeed during this time will have to be flexible. For many, flexibility means bringing manufacturing back to the US and onshoring their operations. 

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digitizing supply chain

Data or Collaboration? Which comes first? 

When considering digitizing a company's supply chain, what is most important: collecting and analyzing the data or collaborating with customers and partners? Efficient supply chain logistics can be your competitive advantage.

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business podcasts

Listen and Learn! 

Some of us like to read to gather our information. Others prefer to watch videos. And then there are those of us who prefer to listen and learn. Fortunately, there's something for everyone on the internet, including a great podcast specifically for manufacturers

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