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Dynamics NAV 2017

ArcherPoint Better Business - What's New in Dynamics NAV 2017?

April 2017


By now you have probably heard how easy it is to set up Dynamics NAV 2017. You may have even seen a demonstration of the setup wizard guiding you through a plethora of configuration options -- workflows for approvals, fiscal calendar, US sales tax, adjust cash flow forecasting, and more -- saving time and streamlining your tasks. But, do you know all the ways Dynamics NAV 2017 can save you time and effort? Do you really know what is new in Dynamics NAV 2017? 

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ArcherPoint's YouTube Channel

YouTube and You

Did you know that YouTube provides a treasure trove of Dynamics NAV resources? From Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Streamlined Document Approvals  to  Performing a Two Person Approval for Printing Checks with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, if you have a question about Dynamics NAV, YouTube has the answer. Check out ArcherPoint's YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe so you'll never miss an update. We are always adding new videos. 

girls and STEM

Girls and STEM

Microsoft recently launched the #makewhatsnext campaign an effort to encourage girls to pursue careers in science, engineering, and technology; to help inspire young girls to take the next step. The campaign will introduce new programs and resources to girls including a tool being launched by Microsoft and LinkedIn that demonstrates how girls can pursue their passions across industries and social causes. With only 6.7% of US women (and 16% of women globally) graduating college with STEM degrees, Microsoft wanted to start the encouragement at a young age.  


upgrade Dynamics NAV in a weekend

Over the past few months, we have heard from several people talk about the difficulty of going through a Dynamics NAV Upgrade with a large database. Primarily, this is due to the time it takes to migrate the data and the fact that the business has to be down for that to occur to completion. The alternative, a reimplementation of NAV in the new version that would leave the historical data behind, seems to have become the preferred solution. This leaves many businesses torn between keeping an outdated system that lacks modern functionality, and keeping it’s valuable historical data regarding Finances, Items, Customers, and Vendors.

What if you could have it both ways? ArcherPoint Upgrades has developed their own tools to aid us in delivering all upgrades in a single weekend. We move your historical data and your customizations forward to the new NAV version and new versions of the ISV products you’re using. The whole process is completed in one weekend.  

There is no better time to upgrade than now. Contact us today for a free upgrade estimate.


interns working together

ArcherPoint Intern Program 

We are just one month away from the start of our 2017 Intern program. There have already been many requests to reserve project work for the interns. Could your business benefit from using an ArcherPoint intern? 

Reach out to your Account Manager or Mel Miller today to reserve project work before they are all booked out!

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