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Budgeting and planning for growth in 2018

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November 2017: Planning for 2018   

As we start to budget and plan for 2018, now is the perfect time to consider your ERP investment. While you probably spent a lot of time and money selecting and implementing the right ERP system, chances are you didn't consider what happens next. Most companies don't. Having a plan to upgrade that ERP investment to the next level, and the next level, and the next level, is key getting the most out of your ERP investment. 

Being on an upgrade subscription plan enables your ERP to provide operational efficiencies, performance enhancements, and reporting significance on a continuous basis. Project your invested time and money you put in to select the right ERP system. Find out how an upgrade subscription plan can allow you to continue to see the benefits of that effort and ease the pain of change.

To learn more about the benefits of a comprehensive upgrade subscription plan, options ArcherPoint’s upgrade subscription plan offers, and how to keep pace with the technology, contact an ArcherPoint upgrade expert today to find out how we can help.



Summit 2017 Recap

Nashville Summit - NAVUG.png

NAVUG SUMMIT 2017...that's a wrap!    

What a fantastic Summit! It's cliche to say that it gets bigger and better each year, but it's true. NAVUG Summit 2017 was by far the biggest Summit to date with incredibly informative sessions, priceless networking opportunities, and extraordinary information sharing. If you missed any of the sessions, or want to download any of the presentation materials, NAVUG has posted the best of Summit 2017 on their website. 
Thanks to all who came by the ArcherPoint booth. And for those that we missed, sorry we missed you. We were glad to be able to share all the new and exciting things happening at ArcherPoint. In particular, we were excited to announce the launch of  NAVNOW our on-demand support service, and our Item Scan Utility tool. Please visit our website for more information for the latest news about ArcherPoint, and be sure to subscribe to our blog so you'll never miss an update. 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

While Waiting for the Release of Dynamics NAV 2018... 

Now is a great time to review the improvements and new functionality available in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017. To help facilitate this review, we created a series of short demo videos. Each video is only a few minutes long and walks you through each feature improvement step by step. And as there was quite a lot of new functionality to highlight we created NAV 2017 Improvements, Part 1 and NAV 2017 Improvements, Part 2.  

SaaSplaza Extended Maintenance Reminder

SaaSplaza Extended Maintenance Reminder 
During the weekend of November 25-26, SaaSplaza will perform Extended Maintenance throughout its global datacenters.
SaaSplaza has prepared this Extended Maintenance with implementation methods that aim to keep the unavailability as limited as possible.
If you have any questions regarding this Extended Maintenance on SaaSplaza’s services, reach out to SaaSplaza Change Management or the Support Desk at ArcherPoint.

internship program at ArcherPoint

ArcherPoint Intern Program 

Considering utilizing our intern program in 2018? If not, now’s the time to start thinking about it! To see how your business can benefit from using an ArcherPoint intern for various projects, contact your account manager or Mel Miller to learn more.


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