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Business Insights for Today's Financial Professionals

Today’s financial teams must take the company’s raw financial data and turn it into actionable intelligence for the leadership team. Find out how.

Help us Help You Create Real Value with KPIs that Matter

Tips to help you get started with business analytics, understanding the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that matter to your company.

What is a Business Analyst?

An overview of what a business analyst is, and the importance of that role in business.

Business Analysis is Like an Oil Change When it Comes to ERP Implementation

A look at the importance of business analysis to a successful ERP implementation.

Solve the Right Problem

ArcherPoint’s Ric Derdeyn discusses the importance of ensuring that problems are well understood before solutions are attempted. Solve the right problem: this lesson can be applied generally in life, as well as specifically, with ERP implementations.

The Most Important Question in a Successful Software Project

ArcherPoint’s Ric Derdeyn discusses the importance of understanding all the elements of a software implementation project and the role of the business analyst.

Back to the Basics - Using Business Analysis to Find the Right Solution

In this blog, Carrie McNally says get back to the basics by using Business Analysis to define business and stakeholder requirements, goals, and objectives.

Project Management Budgeting: Phase in, Phase’s the Agile Way!

ArcherPoint’s project management experts explain how Agile lets you take control of your project to know what your actual costs are at any given time.

Current State Meets Future State: The Magic of Starting ERP Projects

A discussion on how to bridge the gap between current state and future state to ensure your ERP project gets off the ground.

Architectural Renderings and ERP: A Unique Perspective

An ArcherPoint Account Executive explains that it is the end user that ultimately defines the business value of a significant investment in automation and technology.

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