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Why You Should Choose ERP in the Cloud

On-premise ERP solutions are capable, but they don’t offer some of the big benefits you can get with ERP in the cloud. Here are 4 reasons you should consider moving your ERP to the cloud.

How Your Finance Department Benefits from Cloud ERP

With ERP in the cloud, the finance department can also take full advantage of technology. Here are several opportunities for your finance department to leverage your ERP. 

Advantages of Using a Cloud-Based ERP

Highlighting some of the advantages of using a cloud-based ERP system.

Cybersecurity in a Cloud-Based ERP World

To avoid a cyberattack and the potentially irreparable harm to your company, learn how to gain control over cybersecurity for your cloud-based ERP.

Microsoft Cloud Technology and a Healthier Future

Microsoft’s cloud-based technology is having a significant impact in the world of health care and the health of the business community.

ERP: Cloud vs. On Premise vs. Hosted

The difference between cloud, on premise, and hosted ERP solution and the pros/cons of each.

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