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Solve the Right Problem

ArcherPoint’s Ric Derdeyn discusses the importance of ensuring that problems are well understood before solutions are attempted. Solve the right problem: this lesson can be applied generally in life, as well as specifically, with ERP implementations.

Top Five Qualities of a Project Manager

A good project manager is more than someone who brings a project in on-time and under budget. This blog explains the top five qualities in a good project manager.

What is Scrum and How Can a ScrumMaster Benefit my ERP Implementation?

In this blog, ArcherPoint’s Tenille Salas, a ScrumMaster, explains Scrum, the role of the ScrumMaster, and how ERP implementations benefit from having both.

B2B E-Commerce Project Management Best Practices

Kelly O’Brien outlines five best practices that ArcherPoint uses for its B2B e-commerce project implementations.

How to Choose Your ERP Project Team

This blog discusses three important principles to remember when assembling an ERP project team to ensure success.

How Long Should an ERP Implementation Take?

This blog looks at the factors that affect the duration of an ERP implementation. The rule is: Be Patient!

Building the Argument for Agile implementation: Lego Edition

In this blog, ArcherPoint intern Cole Halligan offers practical insights comparing waterfall and agile project management techniques by building a Lego city.

Agile vs Waterfall Project Management: Which is Better for ERP Projects?

This blog discusses the advantages in time, money, and business value of using agile over the traditional waterfall project management for ERP projects.

Nobody Walks in L.A.

In this blog, ArcherPoint’s project management expert Darren Atkins compares project management to using a GPS—including the potential pitfalls.

The OODA Loop and ERP

In this blog, ArcherPoint explains the OODA (Observation-Orientation-Decision-Action) Loop and discusses its application in ERP engagements.

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