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Add Cleaning Windows and an Oil Check to your Microsoft Dynamics Implementation

I can still see him in my mind, standing in the center of a group of kids, dark hair combed down over his eyes, freckled face, waving his arms about, smiling with a big grin, and talking like an adult about the virtues of owning a corvette.   We were in third grade and Jimmy had already worked on cars, pulling engines and rebuilding them with his older brothers.   When we got to the age where we could get a job, Jimmy was the first one to get a job working at the local gas station down on the corner.  There he quickly saved up his money from the job and purchased his first vette.

Include business analysis and project management to your next dynamics NAV implementation to deliver greater client serviceWhen my friend Bill and I wanted to go play golf on the outskirts of town, the first place we would go would be to the corner gas station to get some gas.  We did not have much money at the time, and what money we had would go to the purchase of golf balls.   Often we would pull into the gas station and ask the station attendant for 50 cents of gas.   At the time, getting gas included a free check of your oil level and a windshield cleaning.

One day we pulled into the corner station to get some gas, and out runs Jimmy to pump the gas.   Jimmy worked hard to remove the bugs and goop from my windshield, really putting some elbow grease into the effort.   Jimmy was stretched out across the windshield with a rag, rubbing and squirting cleaner on the glass.

Suddenly, Jimmy realized that the pump had stopped, because 50 cents of gas really did not take long to pump, even in those days.   “Sorry” says Jimmy realizing that he was holding us up from our golf game.  “I apologize for cleaning the windows, but I still need to check the oil.”  Jimmy could have stopped servicing the car, but he chose to continue on.    Even at 16, Jimmy knew the importance of providing full service to the customer.  For Jimmy, the job was not done until he pumped the gas, checked the oil, and cleaned the windows.

We could use a few more Jimmies in the Microsoft Dynamics community right now.  Often, I find that people are in a hurry to deliver a solution and not provide the full service to the client.    What frequently happens is people omit or minimize business analysis and project management services from engagements in an effort to keep the price low.   What would have happened to us kids if Jimmy had not checked our oil?  Perhaps nothing would have happened, or perhaps we would have burned up the engine on the road out of town.   Jimmy at the time did not think in project management terms, but what he was really doing was mitigating our risks.

My point is there is much more to providing great service to a client then just providing a solution; there are the elements of checking the oil and washing the windows.

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