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ArcherPoint Dynamics NAV Developer Digest - vol 112Developer Dude

The NAV community, including the ArcherPoint technical staff—is made up of developers, project managers, and consultants who are constantly communicating, with the common goal of sharing helpful information with one another to help customers be more successful.

As they run into issues and questions, find the answers, and make new discoveries, they post them on blogs, forums, social everyone can benefit. We in Marketing watch these interactions and never cease to be amazed by the creativity, dedication, and brainpower we’re so fortunate to have in this community—so we thought, wouldn’t it be great to share this great information with everyone who might not have the time to check out the multitude of resources out there? So, the ArcherPoint Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developer Digest was born. Each week, we present a collection of thoughts and findings from NAV experts and devotees around the world. We hope these insights will benefit you, too.


Importing Multi-Currency Open Accounts Payable Invoices

Tom Marshello asks: “Does anyone have any experience importing multi-currency open AP invoices? I am trying to bring in some invoices in YEN. I loaded the currency factor that would make everything tie in USD in the import and the Purchase Journal accepted it just fine, but when I post the journal, NAV decides to ignore the fact that I entered the currency factor and looks to the currency table and uses the conversion rate from there, instead of basing it on the posting date.

We figured out that we can just load the historical exchange rates and drive NAV to use those by its posting date, but it was a bit frustrating to learn that NAV has a mind of its own regarding currency factors that I entered in the journal. It’s like dealing with a kid at times. Or maybe I am just a bad parent and didn't provide the right incentive (most likely a problem between the keyboard and the chair). Help, anyone?”

Trish Maes asks: “Tom, is the YEN also set as the Additional Reporting Currency in this company?”

Resolution: “Trish, thanks for talking through this with me today. I am happy to report that the problem is solved. You were correct that RapidStart was not validating the currency factor; re-entering them in the journal fixed the issue. You are a Rock Star! Thanks!”

The Debate on Extensions and Weighing the Impact on Partners

In Jason Gumpert’s article on, he outlines the upcoming releases of Dynamics NAV (2017 and the Financials portion of Dynamics 365), outlining the impact of NAV Extensions for Upgrades, Partners, User Licensing, and the future impact. Read the full article on the Extension Debate (login required).

Are We Moving to Visual Studio Completely?

Saurav asks this after seeing the Directions 2016 session line up, noting a session done by Stuart Glasson and Esben Nyhuus Kristoffersen titled, “C/AL in Visual Studio Code.” It’s an interactive session about building extensions, new tools and compiler, events, and AppSource. There is much discussion and speculation, but Matt Traxinger reminds us, “It only makes sense. Just remember, everyone, Visual Studio is not the same as C# or other .NET Languages. They are not synonymous. C/AL isn't going anywhere.”

Leadership Learnings

I love this HBR article shared by Dan Sass on how Bad Writing is Destroying Your Company’s Productivity. It can also destroy your brand.


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