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ArcherPoint Dynamics NAV Developer Digest – vol 35

The ArcherPoint technical staff—made up of developers, project managers, and consultants – is constantly communicating internally, with the goal of sharing helpful information with one another.

ArcherPoint’s technical staff pose questions, find answers, and share new discorveries about Microsoft Dynamics NAVAs they run into issues and questions, find the answers, and make new discoveries, they post them companywide on Yammer for everyone’s benefit. We in Marketing watch these interactions and never cease to be amazed by the creativity, dedication, and brainpower we’re so fortunate to have in this group—so we thought, wouldn’t it be great to share them with the rest of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Community? So, the ArcherPoint Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developer Digest was born. Each week, we present a collection of thoughts and findings from the ArcherPoint staff. We hope these insights will benefit you, too.

Question about Automatically Killing a Session in Dynamics NAV 2013:

I recently added a Kill Session function to the Sessions page for a 2013 installation. The customer now wants an automatic killing of any session that is idle for 30 minutes. How is that accomplished?

I can think of two ways - either have a NAS / Job Queue task, or do something in SQL as a scheduled stored procedure. Is there another way?

Jon Long:
In 2013R2 and 2015, there is a property in the service config file for this. "Close Inactive SQL Connections"

Darren Atkins:
There are also inexpensive utilities that already do that, such as Vertical Leap User Session Control and ExpandIT Client Manager. 

Matt Traxinger:
There is a setting in the NST config file from 2013 and up to automatically timeout sessions.

Kyle Hardin:
Confirmed - this is a feature added for 2013. You can set it using the Admin tool (easier than hacking config files).

Using FINDFIRST instead of FIND():

Brian Winfrey:
I bet this has been previously posted, but I thought it would be a good idea to refresh our collective memory on the subject. I've learned how much more efficient FINDFIRST is over FIND('-') from the SQL point of view.

Read the post:

What impact does my C/AL have on SQL?

Tim Lecander:
Thanks for sharing that Brian. That confirms what I saw when we were working on a recent database conversion from classic database to SQL. It was interesting to measure direct improvements in process time as I made changes in the base code (Releasing a Bill of Lading for 900 posted sales shipments creating 20,000+ ASN lines) replacing FIND('-') with FINDSET.

It also seems to improve performance when I filled in some missing SETRANGES or SETFILTERS for fields declared in the SETCURRENTKEY.

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