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Submitted by William Warnke on 12 May 2015

Attention Dynamics NAV Developers: Shortcuts Can Be a Good Thing!

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This blog is intended to provide a list of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) Development Environment or Classic Client shortcuts. It might not be fully comprehensive, but it’s a good start. Most of these shortcuts are documented right on the menus themselves, but it doesn't hurt to have a reminder that they are there. I developed for a long time and got so used to finding things spatially—if you had told me there were shortcut labels on the menu, I would have told you you were wrong. But they are indeed there, and they can make your development move a little bit faster.

Microsoft has a list of some of the basic shortcuts on the Microsoft Developer Network website.

Starting Object Designer

SHIFT + F12 - Open Object Designer

Navigating and Filtering Object Designer

ALT + B - Tables

ALT + M - Forms

ALT + P - Reports

ALT + O - Dataport

ALT + X - XMLPorts

ALT + S - MenuSuite

CTRL + F1 - Will Mark an Object for later filtering (handy exporting a group of objects)

ALT + V + M - Toggles View to only show marked Objects

Running or Designing Objects

CTRL + R - Run Object

ALT + R - Run Object

ALT + D - Design Object

CTRL + N - Create new object

Designing an Object

ALT + V -> B - Open C/AL Globals

ALT + V -> A - Open C/AL Locals

ALT + V -> O OR CTRL + ALT + F4 - Open Page Actions

CTRL + TAB - Will cycle through open Object Designer windows

CTRL + S - Save Object

ESC - Close Window/Object

CTRL + F8 - Zoom

To explain the ALT + V -> B combos a bit more, pressing the ALT key in the Classic Client or Development Environment (or any windows application with this style menu bar for that matter) will underline the letter that allows you to jump to that selection. This allows you to get to most everything not assigned a key combo shortcut by stringing a sequence of keys together.

In the screenshot below, while viewing C/AL code, pressing ALT + V and then pressing A will take you to C/AL Locals:

Getting to a menu item with more than one hot-key

Figure 1. Pressing ALT + V and then pressing A will take you to C/AL Locals.

Function Key Shortcuts

F1 - Help

F3 - Insert a blank line or Create a new Object

F4 - Delete Line or Delete Object

F5 - Display C/AL Symbol Menu

F8 - Copy value from Above (handy if you have a filtered set of objects and you want them to all have the same date/time)

F9 - Insert/Toggle Debugger Breakpoint if viewing C/AL Code, will also display C/AL code or jump to a function

F11 - Compile

Are there are additional shortcuts out there that I haven't run across yet? If so, please share them in the Comments section.

If you have any further questions about this or other development issues, please contact one of our development experts at ArcherPoint. If you enjoyed this blog, check out our collection of Development Blogs.

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