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The Best Business Analysis Elicitation Technique for Dynamics NAV

I was directly in front of the free throw line. I looked over my left shoulder, took the ball in my right hand and executed a perfect sky hook as my coach on the sideline screamed “No….No, Not Now!”

Image of a basketball courtMy coach in the church league had showed me the week before how to execute a sky hook, as made famous by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar during his tenure in the NBA. I got the technique down pretty well. Being 6 foot 4 inches in a church league, I was taller than most of the other kids. I was able to score almost every time when I used the shot.

"What was the problem with my shot?" I asked. "This was not the right time in the game to do the sky hook" so my coach said. Even today, I do not know what the deal was. Perhaps I missed a pre-game meeting, did not know that you should never use the sky hook on this opposing team, or perhaps I missed something he told me when he initially taught me the move. The message I received was, the sky hook technique was not appropriate at that moment in time.

Working with Microsoft Dynamics NAV Implementation teams I now see the same problem I encountered when I was on the church league team playing basketball. Just as I used the sky hook at the wrong time during the game, team members use solid and proven elicitation techniques at the wrong time during the project.

The reason teams use specific elicitation techniques during projects is because they have a methodology that calls out that they use a technique. A methodology is a documented and repeatable process by which a team delivers a solution.

Are all Microsoft Dynamic NAV projects the same? Is each client’s culture, organizational process assets, product, industry, and team the same? The reality is that each Dynamics implementation is unique and could warrant a different approach than the last implementation. This means that elicitation techniques could and should vary per implementation.

In other words, teams should apply an elicitation technique if the implementation warrants the technique. Do not apply a technique just because the team learned it last week, and it is documented in the methodology.

Which business analysis elicitation technique is best for a dynamics NAV implementation? The answer to this question is: the one that is appropriate for the task at hand.

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