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Best Practice Guidance from Real-World Examples and Experts

Everyone knows that you can learn a lot from trying things out for yourself—and those life lessons are extremely valuable. Butwe can all agree that when it comes to your business, testing things out for yourself can be pretty costly.

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In business, if you can learn from examples and implement best practices and guidelines, the risks aren’t as high, plus, you create a stable work environment along the way. This is especially the case when you start to evaluate ERP solutions. In this blog, ArcherPoint's team of manufacturing experts warns manufacturers to take the advice of those who have gone before as they embark on the search for a new ERP solution.

Doing your research is a crucial step of the evaluation process, but it isn’t necessarily the first. You need to understand your own unique processes and challenges—which you yourself will know better than anyone from the outside—before setting out on the hunt for the best solution. For example, sometimes automation is a great thing, but other times, it can corrupt current processes to the point of no return. Only you can really be an expert in your business; you know what you do every day, why you do it, and what the end result is. That type of detail lays out the framework for the best possible ERP solution for your needs.

Once you’ve outlined those basic operations, issues, and needs, research begins to find real-world examples of manufacturers similar to you along with a service provider with experience specific to your industry.

If you’re ready to make the switch to a new ERP system, start with our eBook, “How Today’s Manufacturers are Taking Control of Materials, Inventory, and Manufacturing Costs from Order to Delivery”. We’ve created this piece for manufacturers who want to know what’s been tried before and what’s worked without having to read through page after page of online research and documentation. With a number of “case in points” throughout, you can gather real-world examples to build your evaluation plan of attack.

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