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Blogging Is Easy

If you are reading this, blogging is easy. I'll be honest, I didn't read the tutorial on how to do this. I didn't have time. But, I also wanted to get going on blogging, so, I'm jumping in head first, insecurities be damned.

I have no specific topic in mind for this first post. This is simply my first ever blog to test the waters. Ever since it was suggested to me that I should blog about anything, I've been struggling to come up with any brilliant bloggable topics. I'll be driving, walking the dog, working, playing music, sleeping, whatever, when a little voice in my head says, "How would I put that in a blog?". Sorting through these vague ideas is exhausting. Perhaps, forming them into words will bring some relief. I'm literally grasping for inspiration through typing.

There are reasons why I haven't blogged until now.

Fear of criticism. I've read some respectable blogs by intelligent bloggers that are followed by some surprisingly negative criticism. I'm not sure if I have any topics that I would want to fight over. I mean, I'm all for constructive criticism, but some of the blog criticism can be downright hateful. I'll get over it. Or, I will write with such impeccable logic, even the most vituperative cynic will cower.

Fear of Tutorials (pretty self explanatory). Speaking of Tutorials, I just purchased my first iPhone(4s). No Tutorial. It just works. Note to self: Blog topic = "It Just Works, No It Doesn't".

Fear of Uselessness. What is the point of blogging? Once upon a time, back in 1986, I said the same thing about the Internet. I saw web pages and thought, 'who are these people posting all this stuff? What do they get out of it?'. Well, here we are.

I really do enjoy writing. So, that's reason to blog right there.

Blogging really is easy.

PS - I actually accept criticism pretty well. Bring it on.

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I like your style!


I realized it's actually my 3rd "BLOG" post. I wrote a couple on my music site a couple years ago. I guess I didn't consider those real blog posts.

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