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The Business Analysis Automotive Engine Oil Change

Business analysis might not by itself deliver business value to the company implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV, but does pave the way for the project team to deliver maximum business value through the delivery of a solution to meeting the business needs of the client.  

Business Analysis is Key to Successful Microsoft Dynamics NAV Implementation ProjectsOil is an essential lubricate for your car’s engine, much like the blood in your body the oil in your car is vital to the wellbeing of the car.   If you do not change your engine oil then not much will happen initially, but over time dirt will accumulate in the oil and cause excessive wear on the engine, what will also happen is the lubrication properties of the oil will wear out and cause poor engine lubrication leading to excessive wear.  In the end, not changing your oil over the long haul will eventually cause your engine to die an early and tragic death.

Business analysis, much like the oil in your car is critical to delivering a successful solution that meets the business needs of a company.  Will not doing a business analysis cause your implementation project to come to a sudden halt? The answer is no, just like not changing the oil in your car will not initially cause any problems; but then again there is the risk and potential that maximum business value will not be delivered to the stakeholders of the company at the end of the project; the project could be labeled a failure in the end.  

Just like not changing your car’s engine oil, minimizing or eliminating business analysis from your Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation would be unwise.  If you want maximize the investment in your project then the right thing to do is invest in a business analysis.  The business analysis brings the stakeholders in a company into agreement as to the business needs and requirements of the organization; an essential task that needs to be performed before solutions can be defined.

Would you try to save a few dollars by not changing the oil in your car?  I do not think any sane individual would risk destroying their $30k car investment because they want to save $30 on oil changes every few months.  The same is true with business analysis and projects; why risk trashing a major and mission critical project investment by eliminating business analysis? 

Think about it the next time you drive down the road in your car on the way to get an oil change.

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