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Dynamics NAV 7 - I've seen the future and the future looks good!

Much of what Microsoft has shown partners concerning the next release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 7 (Navision) at NAV TechDays, Directions, and the NAV Users Group (NAVUG) Conference is still under non-disclosure. However after a careful review of the NDA I discovered there is absolutely nothing that prevents me from talking about my enthusiasm for this next release.

Dynamics NAV 7 - I've seen the future and the future looks good!After talking with Paul White and Dan Brown from Microsoft at Directions it is clear they are kicking in the after burners and delivering what I believe will be the most exciting release in years for Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners and end users alike. After the release of NAV 7 we will see even more rapid innovation on the NAV (Navision) platform since NAV 7 will be the first release where Microsoft no longer has to support the classic client or the legacy Navision database.

Microsoft has already announced that Microsoft Dynamics NAV 7 will be the first of Microsoft's ERP products in the Microsoft cloud (Azure). The implications of this are huge for NAV since Microsoft is rearchitecting parts of Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) to truly take advantage of the cloud paradigm.

Today Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) is already used by more companies than almost any other ERP product in the market. However with NAV 7 I can only imagine an even brighter future that is so bright you've got to wear shades.

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