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Submitted by Gwendolynn Massie on 28 November 2016

Dynamics NAV Coffee Break: How to Use the Adjust Cost/Price FunctionArcherPoint How-To Blog

What do you do if you have to update the price of your entire warehouse? Or if one vendor has decreased a specific item by a certain amount? You could manually go through and update every item, if you had endless time on your hands. Or, you could use the Adjust Cost/Price Function in Dynamics NAV. In this installment of our NAV Coffee Break video, Gwen demonstrates how to use this particular batch function of NAV to adjust costs/prices of items in bulk. She discusses the various options including filtering on Item Card or Stock Keeping Units; as well as opting for Adjustment Factor and/or Rounding method. Grab a coffee, and watch this short video to see how you can save time by using the Adjust Cost/Price Function in Dynamics NAV.

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