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Submitted by Gwendolynn Massie on 27 September 2017

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Coffee Break: Introduction to User Personalization How To Personalize Microsoft Dynamics NAV Coffee Break Video

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a useful tool that typically impacts everyone in a company. Chances are most people at your company use Dynamics NAV at some during the day, each with a different task using a different set of features of the software. By using Dynamics NAV’s user personalization feature, each user can have their very own customized version of Dynamics NAV to make their user experience more productive and efficient. In this video, Gwen demonstrates how easy it is to set up and assign profiles that are included in Dynamics NAV out of the box.


Look for Gwen's next blog on how to customize the user profile once you've set it up.

You can view this video and many other video tutorials for Dynamics NAV on ArcherPoint's YouTube Channel

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