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Getting Your Hands on Data is Never the Problem

As a business and especially as a manufacturer, you’re overloaded with data. More often than not, this data is coming from multiple systems that can’t speak to each other. The end result is that you, your employees, and even your customers are taking too much time to decipher what it all means.

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Getting the data is never the problem. It’s getting the data in a form that supports better decisions that is the challenge. If this resonates with you, then you may be relieved to hear that you are not alone. The right integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can make your data work for you. In our eBook, “How Today’s Manufacturers are Taking Control of Materials, Inventory, and Manufacturing Costs from Order to Delivery,” we discuss how integration has helped manufacturers. Here are a few key examples:

  • With real-time and accurate information through the work of integration, department managers can put data to work when they know exactly what materials and inventory they have to work with and when they can expect replenishment.
  • An integrated system can provide scenario-based recommendations allowing managers to evaluate options for more informed decisions. System-based MRP recommendations also allow purchasing and production managers to include more factors in their decisions, including on-hand inventory, current forecasts, BOM, order history, and more.
  • Purchasing agents can see up and down the supply chain to keep materials flowing just in time to accelerate production and order fulfillment. To extend the value of purchasing, automation that tracks backorders and drop ships will improve customer experiences and minimize manual intervention.
  • Making and keeping commitments to customers is also a lot more manageable when manufacturing organizations have visibility into delivery schedules from suppliers as well as internal production progress.

Integrated ERP and logistics management allows manufacturing organizations to make more sense out of their data without having to spend tons of time and resources. This information can be put to good use up and down your supply chain.  

Download our complimentary eBook,  “How Today’s Manufacturers are Taking Control of Materials, Inventory, and Manufacturing Costs from Order to Delivery”, to learn more about how an integrated ERP can help you make better and faster decisions every day.

Download the free eBook for manufactureres, It's 8 am, do you know where your inventory is?


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