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How to Get Customer Data without Being Intrusive

As retailers, Big Data helps drive decisions. We can better understand how many times a person comes to a store, what buying patterns to associate with our customers, which sales work, and so much more. By having access to consumer data, you open up a possibility to create lifetime customers that are loyal to your business.

Entering customer data

But what is the best way to go about collecting this information? You will need to create an atmosphere that you’d be comfortable sharing your personal information in. After all, we aren’t just business owners at the end of the day, but consumers as well! By putting yourself in your customer’s shoes, you can better understand how they feel in your store when being asked for information such as their email, zip code, or telephone number.

By first figuring out what data you need to collect, you can then work on your approach. Find out six ways to approach your customers to get their data without being intrusive in our full blog post.

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