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How to Track which Employees Have Company Items Using Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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When setting up Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision), the main focus is around the use in the company, from Finance to Operations to Manufacturing to Warehouse. One of the areas that tends not to be a focal point is around employees. In NAV, you also have the full Human Resource section, and you may say to yourself, “Do I trust having employee information in NAV where people can see all kinds of data?”

In NAV, it is very safe to store employee data, because you can control the security allowing people that need to see employee information or block people whom you don’t want to see employee information. In this blog, we will go over setting up company items that you have given to an employee to use but you need a way to track the data for audit purposes. 

In NAV you will want to set up what items you want to track, and when you set up those items, you can then link each to its corresponding employee. Let’s first walk through the steps of setting up the items, which we will call Articles. NOTE: My instructions are for NAV 2013 R2. If you would like instructions for another version of NAV, please contact ArcherPoint

1. In the Search box, type in “Misc Ar”. Note that when you start to type, three different options will show up. You will want to select the one for setup.

Dynamics NAV Search box

Figure 1 – Search box. 

2. When the Setup window opens, you can fill in what you would like to track. Some examples are shown in Figure 2.

Setup window with Miscellaneous Articles.

Figure 2 – Setup window with Miscellaneous Articles.

3. Now that you have the articles set up, let’s set up an employee with some company articles.

4. In the Search window, type in “Employee”. Notice that you will see multiple options show for Employee. Select the one for Human Resources.

Search window with “Employee” selected.

Figure 3 – Search window with “Employee” selected.

5. Make sure that your No. Series is setup for creating new employees, as we will need this for our next step.

6. Let’s create a new employee by selecting “New” from the Ribbon.

Ribbon with “New” selected.

Figure 4 – Ribbon with “New” selected.

7. Fill in the appropriate information, such as name and so on

8. Once you have the basic employee information filled in, select the Navigate tab in the Ribbon and select “Misc. Article Information.”

Ribbon with Navigate tab/Misc. Article Information selected.

Figure 5 – Ribbon with Navigate tab/Misc. Article Information selected.

9. Select “New” and fill in the articles you have given an employee for tracking. Note that you can fill in the serial number, From and To Date, and In Use fields.

Misc. Articles Information card.

Figure 6 – Misc. Articles Information card.

10. As time passes, you can update the data that the article is still in use by updating the “To Date” or unchecking the “In Use” flag.

11. Now that the data is in the system, you can run reports for internal use or for auditors. There are two main reports:

Employee – Misc. Article Info: Type in the Search box “Employee Misc. Article Info”.

Search box with “Employee Misc. Article Info” typed in

Figure 7 – Search box with “Employee Misc. Article Info” typed in

Misc. Article Overview: You can find this on the Ribbon of the Employee List

Ribbon of the Employee List with “Misc. Article Overview” highlighted.

Figure 8 – Ribbon of the Employee List with “Misc. Article Overview” highlighted.

Knowing how to set up employee articles will help you track your company items for external and internal audits. If you would like to learn more about Human Resources features in NAV contact ArcherPoint.

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