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Submitted by Michael Heydasch on 23 July 2012

Integrating Google Apps with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

A framework has been created whereby NAV data can be sent to Google Apps. ArcherPoint or the community in general can build upon this framework in order to empower the entity to have as much synchronicity as is desired. The framework currently supports authentication on an individual basis and can even store username and password credentials for automatic re-authentication. A huge potential exists … imagine displaying one or more customers as markers on a Google map, linking to product images in Picasa, or even displaying grid-like form data in a Google spreadsheet.

Three videos have been created to demonstrate the framework. In this first video, a Contact record is uploaded to Google Apps:

This second video demonstrates how the Customer Online Map feature links to Google Maps; in addition, a new report creates markers on a Google Map for all customers matching a filter:

The third video demonstrates how the data in a List Page is uploaded to a spreadsheet in Google Drive:

Are you ready to begin? Download the framework and begin your integration with Google Apps!

You can also view these videos, along with many other Microsoft Dynamics NAV tutorials, on ArcherPoint's YouTube channel.


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