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Let's Clean Up NAV #17

ArcherPoint’s technical staff pose questions, find answers, and share new discorveries about Microsoft Dynamics NAV

After reading the Clean Up NAV blog series started by fellow Dynamics MVP Luc van Vugt, I think it’s a great Idea to clean unused items from the product. This will help existing developers and the reduce confusion of new developers joining the Navision development community.

My first contribution towards the Clean Up Series is focused on the Report Properties and Function which are no longer supported with RDLC Reports:

Dynamics NAV FUNCTIONS (No Longer Supported)


Unused Dynamics NAV Reporting Functions

Figure 1 – Unused Reporting Functions.

Dynamics NAV PROPERTIES (No Longer Supported)

  3. URL

Unused Dynamics NAV Reporting Properties

Figure 2 – Unused Reporting Properties. 

These functions and properties are not supported on client report definition (RDLC) report layouts.

** (The MSDN Pages for all these also confirms the same).

The major issue occur when consultants perform report upgrades. Most of these consultants upgrade the report with Create Suggestion Layout and later try to fix things when it doesn’t work. The code with these properties and functions were never removed by most of the consultants, which keeps on increasing Junk Code in the Navision Objects.

Some or the obsolete Properties and Functions still appear in Help, even in NAV 2016.

Have a look Vedbaek. I suggest we clean up the obsolete parts of the Help topics and Navision Client C/AL Symbol Menu.

If you have any questions about this function or other Dynamics NAV questions for any version, contact ArcherPoint.

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