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Submitted by Jodi Hiebert on 12 May 2020

Setting Up Staff Card and Staff Permissions Groups in LS Retail

Security is important at all levels in retail. Your staff needs the ability to log into your POS (point of sale) with a unique ID or an ID and a password, below are instructions on how set it up in LS Retail: 

The LS Retail Staff Card contains important information that should be defined, including the following, which are identified in Figures 1-3 below:

  1. User ID
  2. Name fields
  3. Store No.
  4. LS Permission Group (different from LS NAV-BC Permission Sets)
  5. POS profiles optional (use if different from the defaults defined on Store or Terminal)
  6. Password
  7. Store Links – some staff members work in more than one store

Figure 1 – LS Staff Card with key fields highlighted

Figure 2 – LS Staff Card with Password field highlighted

Figure 3 – LS Staff Card with Store Link Lines

NOTE: If a staff member is no longer working or is seasonal, you can select “Blocked” on the Staff card to disable POS log-in ability.

The LS Staff Permission Group set-up can be modified for your Retail locations with LS permission differences between a staff member defined as “cashier”, “manager” or “key holder.”  

Figure 4 is a screen shot that shows some LS Permission differences. In this example, the cashier can give a 5% maximum discount and cannot open the drawer without a sale.

Figure 4 – LS Staff Permission Group

For additional assistance with any LS Retail functionality or the LS Staff or Permission Group set-up, contact ArcherPoint Retail support.

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