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Open Questions on Configuring the NAS on NAV 2009 RTC and NAV 2013

Yesterday I wrote an article about the importance of setting the MetadataProviderCacheSize on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server (NAS) or Service Tier to something much great than the default of 150 If you read my article, you know that I am recommending a value of 5,000. However, there are several additional properties, which can bet set on the NAS, which I do not have a recommendation for yet other than accepting the defaults. I am hoping that by posing the question to the community that someone has good empirical or anecdotal evidence to help us arrive at best practice recommendations that we can share as people are configuring their NAV 2009 RTC and NAV 2013 installations.

The following list of properties seem like they would be excellent candidates for adjustment whenever we are performance tuning an instance of a NAS for NAV 2009 RTC and NAV 2013:

  • OperationTimeout - Default Value = MaxValue
  • MaxConcurrentCalls - Default Value = 40
  • MaxConcurrentConnections - Default = 150
  • CompressionThreshhold - Default = 64
  • ChunkSize - Default = 28

Any comments or experiences adjusting these values in production environments would be greatly appreciated.



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