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Submitted by Michael Heydasch on 4 August 2012

Printing Barcodes to an RTC Report

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I was recently challenged to print a barcode on an RTC report. In the past, I have found barcode fonts rendered perfectly on NAV Classic reports. Those same barcode fonts would not render on the RTC report I was creating.

After trying several different barcode fonts with no success, I began to research online.   I found several posts discussing an inability to embed fonts. (Whether this is due to Reporting Services or RDLC is unclear to me.)

In my online searches, I also found freeware code submitted to Mibuso by Stijn Bossuyt labeled “EAN 8/13 Code 39/128 Barcode Creator v1.5”. (On the download page, credit is shared with Igor Pchelnikov, who submitted “Interleaved 2 of 5 Barcode Creator”.)

This utility works by encoding the barcode value, generating a barcode image in BMP format, and storing the image in a temporary record using table TempBlob.   While four objects are in the FOB and the TXT export file, only one of them – the codeunit – is required to be in a licensed range and may have to be renumbered.

The barcode is generated by a simple function call:  BarcodeMgt.EncodeCode128('*' + "Warehouse Location" + '*',2,FALSE,tempBlob2);  The first parameter is the text to encode, the second parameter is the size (1-5), the third parameter is whether the barcode should be generated as vertical, and the fourth parameter is a reference to the temporary record where the barcode image should be stored.

Proceeding further in my testing, I added a PictureBox to the Classic layout and changed the following properties:

  • SourceExpr, tempBlob.Blob
  • DataSetFieldName, BarcodePic

In Visual Studio, I dragged an Image control from the Toolbox to the layout and changed the following properties:

  • MIMEType, image/bmp
  • Source, Database
  • Value, =Fields!BarcodePic.Value

To my utter surprise, this worked on the first try. So I downloaded an app entitled “Barcode Scanner” to my Android smartphone and tested the barcode image with the app. Again, to my surprise and satisfaction, the barcode registered successfully within a fraction of a second.

I discovered one caveat … creating the barcode image seems to require a tremendous surge in CPU usage.   I found this out by accident when a couple dozen records or more matched the report filter and the report took a minute or so to render before appearing.   (During that delay, the CPU maxed out.)   So long as only one or a few barcodes are rendered in a single report run, the delay in report rendering is entirely acceptable.

sample barcodeThis alternative to barcode fonts for the purpose of barcode printing in the RTC was a nice piece of freeware.   Thanks and kudos to the creators.

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