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Recording Reasons behind Discretionary Discounts

ArcherPoint Video Blog Series

You’ve given your cashiers the ability to make discounts at the Point of Sale, you have also added limits to the amount of discounts they can give, it is now time to learn why a discount was given. Without clarity into why discounts are given, you will never understand the reasons behind your sales numbers.

It’s important for cashiers to give discounts at the Point of Sale, but it’s equally as important to have a reason behind a discount given. You can make it mandatory for cashiers to give a reason before allowing a discount to enter the system. Learn how to make this possible in our five minute video with step-by-step instructions. The complete video series will help you understand how to control the discount process for your Point of Sale in order for you to better optimize and use your system.

Check out the whole series:

POS Manual Discounts Part 1 - Introduction to Simple Manual Discounts at the Point of Sale

POS Manual Discounts Part 2 – Adding Limits to Discounts Cashiers and Managers Can Offer at the POS

POS Manual Discounts Part 3 – Capturing Reasons for Discretionary Discounts a Cashier Gives at the POS

POS Manual Discounts Part 4 – Manual Discount Interactions and Calculation Choices

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