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The Rounding Precision Field on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Item Card

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The scenario:

When you look at the on-hand inventory for an item, you see fractional quantities in stock. Your natural instinct would be to look at the Rounding Precision Field on the Item Card and change it to 1. You then would expect that from that point on you would not see any fractional on hands created.

In this case, your natural instinct is not correct (and mine for a long period of time).

Item Card showing the Rounding Precision Field

Figure 1 – Item Card showing the Rounding Precision Field

Some of the confusion may be created in Dynamics NAV itself.  If I look at the Dynamics NAV Help for the Rounding Precision Field in NAV Versions 2009 and before, I see this:

In this field, you can specify how quantities of this item must be rounded in the various calculations that involve the item. If, for example, the item is available only in indivisible units, enter 1 in this field.

But when I look at the Help Screen in Dynamics 2013, I see this:

Defines how calculated consumption quantities are rounded when entered on consumption journal lines. Quantities less than 0.5 will be rounded down. Quantities equal to or greater than 0.5 will be rounded up.

The key word is consumption.

This field is only used when calculating Production Order Consumption. It has always been this way, even in the earlier versions of NAV. The Help screen in the earlier versions is incorrect.

So, if you are not using Dynamics NAV Manufacturing, this field has no effect.

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