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Step by Step - Debugging the NAV 2009 RTC

Not too long ago, one of my customers had an issue with the RTC that we needed to debug. Instead of using the Visual Studio debugger, this customer was used to reproducing the problem in the Classic client, and debug the process there. The perception was that running the Visual Studio debugger was very difficult, and they would not be able to read the C# code. I showed them how easy it is to enable the debugger, and how the C/AL code is always part of the C# code in the form of comments. As I was talking to folks at NAVUG Forum and Convergence, I was very surprised to hear that even seasoned NAV professionals are still not using the Visual Studio tools.

The information about how to use the debugger is available here in MSDN online, and it has been discussed many times in the online forums. Since I'm a visual learner, I decided to make a YouTube clip that shows you how to enable the Service Tier for debugging, and how to attach the Visual Studio debugger to the server process.


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Daniel, Great topic! I’ve been trying to duplicate and have two questions; 1. I’m importing from a text, tab delimited file. I’ve found that my XMLport does not seem to pick up the first position of each line in my text file. For example, my file looks like this (I’m trying to create Purchase Header records); a1 b1 10000 a2 b2 20000 My XMLport looks like this; Node Name Node Type Source Type Data Source Root Element Text PurchaseOrder Element Table (Purchase Header) PONo Element Text ExtDocNo Element Text VendorNo Element Text When I run it and Debug using Visual Studio (from another great you tube topic), is see that PONo=b1 and ExtDocNo=10000. I think in your example you were picking up the first position. Am I overlooking a property? Thoughts/suggestions? 2. I’ve placed a value in the FileName property of the XMLport, c:\users\jbellinger\desktop\test.txt. I was hoping that if I supplied a FileName, I could avoid the windows form from opening (where one would normally set the file to import and then click open). Again, is there a property that prevents that form from opening when I give use the FileName property on the XMLport?


Due to some technical issues, I did not see this comment until today. John is a coworker of mine, and we had worked on solving this together, and I wanted to make sure I reply to the post. The issue at hand here was that he had switched the FieldDelimiter and FieldSeparator properties around. Once we had switched those to the right values, his XMLPort ran as expected.

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