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Suzi Shopper: Let’s Talk Grammar

Suzi Shopper: Thoughts on business from a consumer’s perspective

As businesses we need to be our biggest self-critic. Especially in a world where everything can be saved long after you’ve clicked delete. As your business spends more time online, it’s imperative that you also spend more time checking for grammar and spelling errors. Nothing looks worse than reading through a blog or product brochure that contains errors that could have been caught if someone had just double checked the copy.

In order to maintain a professional approach online, it’s best to stick to best practices around writing. There’s no need to add crazy lettering and spelling, it can confuse your customer’s more than it entices them. Your writing reflects your business, are you selling yourself short online?

Read more about how bad grammar and spelling affects your business in this Suzi Shopper blog post. Be sure to stay tuned to all of our blog posts that keep you up to date on consumer insights and the retail industry.

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