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Submitted by Gwendolynn Massie on 25 January 2017

Dynamics NAV Coffee Break: Using Subcontractors in the Manufacturing Process in Dynamics NAV

ArcherPoint How To Blog

This Dynamics NAV Coffee Break is the second of two video blogs that explain how to set up and use subcontractors for the manufacturing process in Dynamics NAV.

If you haven’t see the video on setting up subcontractors, you may want to view it first. Once you’ve set up your subcontractors in Dynamics NAV, it’s quite easy to use them in the manufacturing process. In this short video, you will see a demonstration of everything you need to do to tie it all together, from transfer orders, to purchase orders, to using multiple subcontractors. It really is easy to use subcontractors in the manufacturing process in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


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For help with your manufacturing processes in Dynamics NAV, contact ArcherPoint.