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How to Dynamically Filter in Jet Reports Using a Drop Down-List

Read this blog to learn how to create a custom drop-down list for end users to dynamically filter a report in Jet Reports.

How to Create Custom Replicating Rows in Jet Reports

Read this blog to learn how to create custom replicating rows in Jet Reports without referencing your data directly using the NL Rows function.

Creating a Ranking Report in Jet Reports

A workaround using Microsoft Excel’s rank function to create a ranked Jet Report for replicated lists.

Dynamics NAV Dashboard Reporting: Power BI, Jet Enterprise, or Both?

Save time and money with well-executed dashboard reports in Microsoft Dynamics NAV using Power BI and/or Jet Enterprise.

Power BI using Jet Enterprise

See your company's data in new ways with interactive data visualization, business intelligence (BI) tools from Microsoft Power BI using Jet Enterprise.

Jet Reports Web Portal Setup

Learn how to set up Jet Reports Web Portal for easier and more impactful report collaboration and sharing.

Getting started with Jet Reports and Dynamics NAV

Detailed description of how to download, set up and use Jet Reports with Dynamics NAV.

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