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ArcherPoint Business Consulting Services

Designing solutions that deliver value 

“We have worked with several other NAV consultants in the past and ArcherPoint blows them away with knowledge and customer service!”

- David Fischer, Corus 360

Creating satisfied clients is our primary objective. We want to help you address your business challenges and meet your goals as efficiently as possible while delivering a quality ERP solution. Each member of the ArcherPoint consulting team has strong Dynamics NAV knowledge and deep industry experience to make that happen.

Business Analysis

Our process kicks off with a thorough business analysis so we can design an appropriate solution and accurately estimate price, scope, and timeline. However, as we’ve managed hundreds of customization projects over the past decade, we have learned that two important factors are involved every single time, and we have taken those factors into consideration in our consulting process. 

First, no matter how well a project is planned, there will be mid-project refinements and changes to priorities. With a commitment to detail, planning, and flexibility, these changes can be minimized, but they will happen as we move through the project. We work hard to find and address these changes early, allowing them to be made with less effort and risk. The deliverable of this effort can be used to plan for your next ERP initiative, whether you choose to work with ArcherPoint or not.

Business Process Improvement

Once we have a clear understanding of your current state of business, the how and why of your business processes, and your company objectives, we can recommend and help manage change initiatives that may include process improvements, automation, or tools to help make your work easier, while empowering you to make smarter decisions.

Business Consulting Services

Project Management

The simple fact is that every ERP implementation effort is unique, so if your goal is to have a solution that meets your unique needs, you cannot take a “one size fits all” approach. Dynamics NAV and Business Central has the agility to meet your unique needs. With that power, we feel it is even more essential to have a thorough, thoughtful plan. Again, this plan will take into account that there will likely be course adjustments as we move along.

Our approach employs the correct methodology that will best achieve the results desired by the customer. This gives us flexibility to take the right steps, supported by techniques and tools to track and monitor progress on an immediate basis as we navigate the complexity of a real-world ERP implementation. We have taken the best principles of adaptive project management and built an approach that stays absolutely focused on delivering the most business value for you.

Corporate Performance Management: Rethink the Way You Look at Your Business Corporate Performance Management Consulting Services

You probably think you're using BI, but likely you're only doing reporting. While reporting is great for providing historical information, it is not business intelligence. Business analysis and business intelligence allow you to use historical and current data to gain critical insights and then apply them strategically. Corporate Performance Management (CPM) then adds the process, methodologies, metrics, and systems used for managing the performance of your business.
ArcherPoint’s CPM Services are designed to take you to optimum corporate performance in well-defined, logical steps that are based on tangible data. This is not just another endless “consulting service”; it has a clear goal, with clear steps to get there. And importantly, we understand that every business is unique and that subjectivity plays a role in most business decisions, so our process allows for the flexibility you need to properly fit to your industry, business, and customers. Our services can:
  1. Provide plug-and play-dashboards in Power BI for core business areas: Sales, Finance, Inventory, Manufacturing, and Warehouse
  2. Provide consulting to implement prescriptive analytics
  3. Provide consulting services to integrate 80/20 into your business model

Learn more about ArcherPoint’s business analysis, business process improvement, project management, or corporate performance management services. Contact ArcherPoint today to discuss your business needs.