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Business Process Analysis

Ensuring your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics NAV solution meets your business process goals

 We offer a business process analysis and there is a difference. More than a diagnostic and much more than a discussion of software, the goal of a business process outsourcing analysis is to find the best approach to meet your initiatives, objectives, and overall business process goals—even if the approach doesn’t involve Microsoft Dynamics NAV or ArcherPoint’s product offerings.

Watch the video: ArcherPoint's approach to Business Process Analysis

Where do you want to go?

When we begin an analysis of your business process, we look to elicit, analyze, and validate information, starting with the most important questions: What are the problems you want to solve, what do you want to accomplish, and how can we deliver the most value to your business?

Documenting requirements

Once we’re clear on your business requirements, we bring in your stakeholders and discuss and agree upon the more specific needs and requirements:

Stakeholder requirements – What your people want and need to get their jobs done

  • Solution requirements – What you want the software to do, including time requirements for processes
  • Transitionary requirements – Temporary requirements that will be in place during the life of the project only

Mapping requirements to solutions—which isn’t always software

With all the requirements on the table, the next step is solutioning – mapping your requirements, initiatives, objectives, and goals to either a change in your business processes or to the solution that we will design. This step is critical to ensure we’re taking the smartest approach to meeting a requirement, rather than assuming it must be met by the software. In many cases, clients have come to us believing they need software to meet a need, but after discussing the need and understanding the goal, we are able to offer other options that might only require a simple process adjustment or minor modification to the current software.

Crafting a plan

With requirements documented, communicated, mapped, and agreed upon by all the stakeholders, we’re ready to create a project plan, including if needed, a recommended software solution that will address your requirements and help you meet your goals.

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Not only do we provide business analysis, we also provide business process improvement to help you improve processes to make the most out of your software.